Meet the Needs of On-demand, Mobile Learners

That's what teaching and learning in the 21st Century is all about. Now you can create portable, reusable learning content in just seconds with Blackboard Collaborate™ Publish It's an... easy way to make the most of your recorded Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions.

With Publish you can create a high-definition video podcast, audio podcast or standalone recording. The choice is yours. Download Publish Now.

Multimedia Movie Production

With Publish V2, you can convert your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session recordings to high-definition video podcasts that capture whiteboard content, shared applications, chat transcripts and all audio. Meet the needs of todays mobile learners with on-demand access to reusable multimedia learning objects. You can even add closed captioning by reusing the captioning created during the live session or adding captions directly to the recording.

Unplugged Recordings

What about when you're not connected to the Internet? You can still experience the rich interactivity of a Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing recording in its native format. Create standalone recordings to post to a web server, send via email, or distribute on CD-ROM. Anyone can view the recording on desktop computer or laptop without ever having been in a live session.

Audio Podcaster

Your faculty, administrators and students are always on the go. Now they can take Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing recordings with them on their iPod or other portable MP3 players. Create audio podcasts in just seconds from any recorded session. Store in your learning or content management system, portal, or website.

Use Blackboard Collaborate Publish to:

  • Meet the needs of mobile students with anywhere, anytime viewing
  • Create portable, reusable learning content
  • Leverage content of session recordings
  • Create industry-standard, high-definition video files
  • Create standalone recordings that preserve interactivity such as text chat, file transfer, and web tours
  • Provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Distribute recordings and videos on your network, web server, or CD
  • View content, even when not connected to Internet

NOTE: Publish continues to work with Elluminate Live! session recordings.

For Educators and Trainers

Create reusable learning content your students can take with them. Leverage session recordings for use even when your students aren't online.

Extend the life of your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing or sessions, and meet the needs of mobile learners with on-demand viewing.

For Administrators

Respond to the needs of your students and make professional development easy to deliver and even more convenient for instructors and staff.

For Technologists

Create industry-standard video files. Provide easy-to-access content via email, on website or CD-ROM.


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Client Testimonial

"Publish V2 brings the power of our web conferencing presentations to all our users on any type of device. This capacity significantly magnifies the effectiveness of our professional development sessions by allowing teachers and staff to review content at the moment of need, effectively creating a just-in-time and just-enough training system."

Stan Silverman, Technology Chair
New York State Teacher Centers