Web Conferencing

Engaging, multimedia experience

  • Intuitive user interface combines best of Elluminate, Wimba
  • Mobile web conferencing anytime, anywhere, any LMS
  • VoIP audio with increased clarity and reduced latency
  • Built-in phone conferencing (NA Enterprise license only)
  • Echo cancellation with no special equipment needed
  • Consistent live video with follow the speaker, multipoint
  • Tabbed chat, embedded HTML content in chat and web tour
  • Windows Media Video (WMV) file support for multimedia playback
  • Variety of content easily incorporated

Easy-to-use, robust tools

  • Activity Window captures session activity
  • Graphical drag-and-drop screen explorer
  • Dynamic whiteboard content reusable across platform
  • Public and private chat displayed in single window
  • Easy-to-use whiteboard text editor
  • Application sharing configuration preferences
  • Single-click grant/revoke individual permissions
  • Ability to toggle chat emoticons on/off
  • Recording reminder for moderators
  • Application clip art library
  • Indexed recording playback
  • Ability to add/edit content on the fly
  • Cloud-based MP3/MP4 recording conversion service

Best-in-class breakout rooms

  • Drag and drop participants in/out of rooms
  • Copy content option
  • Grant/remove distribution control for participants
  • Easily distribute participants
  • Quickly copy whiteboard or breakout room content
  • Participants can move themselves from room to room for tutorials, academic fairs

Reach and engage more users worldwide

  • Multi-platform and low-bandwidth support
  • Universal accessibility, including for those with disabilities
  • Access to live web conferencing from iPhone, iPad, or Android device (including Kindle Fire HD)
  • Built-in audio conferencing with auto-provisioned call-in numbers (NA Enterprise license only)
  • Ability to use non-North-American-style telephone numbers for moderator and participant
  • Display local number for users from non-North American teleconference provider
  • Open standards for greater interoperability, regardless of LMS strategy
  • Client support for Ubuntu Linux
  • Streamlined, easy deployment of multiple locations and choice of language
  • Support for international users
  • Collaboration in user's preferred language

Support what happens before and after a live session

  • Organize, script, and package content and activities before live session
  • Automate routine tasks to focus on facilitating real-time interaction
  • Convert session recordings to MP3/MP4 formats to broaden reach of learning events
  • Stream or download recordings to desktop or ANY mobile device for viewing, even while offline
  • Distribute recordings through common channels, like YouTube, iTunesU, and SchoolTube
  • Simplify recording management with access through SAS or Blackboard Learn