Give Students and Instructors a Voice

Now your instructors can create a more engaging and effective asynchronous environment by adding a voice authoring component (formerly Wimba Voice) that facilitates vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment. Easy podcasting allows instructors to create instant lectures and notes, while voice recordings provide thoughtful, quick feedback to students.

Voice discussion boards enable students to more thoroughly discuss meaning and content. Reaching beyond the traditional language laboratory environment, voice authoring supports traditional communicative styles of language learning by giving students multiple methods of speaking, writing, and listening to foreign languages—all online.

Features built for education

Blackboard Collaborate™ voice authoring capabilities incorporate threaded voice boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages, as well as live group discussions and debates. Increase the interaction and student engagement level of any online course.

Voice Presentation: Add web content alongside vocal messages.

Voice Board: Post and listen to voice messages within discussion boards.

Voice Podcaster: Create or upload podcasts for user subscription.

Voice Email: Send and listen to voice through email messages.

Voice Recording: Record and listen to voice on a web page.

Integrated Gradebook: Automatically update CMS gradebooks with voice board assessments.


  • Add a vocal element to online discussions to actively engage students with course content; and facilitate peer conversations to promote active learning.
  • Build engaging and reusable course content and podcasts to make the learning experience more interesting and stimulating.
  • Verbally explain complex ideas, post assignments, or simply highlight important ideas that will be discussed in upcoming lessons.
  • Facilitate language study by teaching pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and emphasis, while students can simultaneously speak and read a new language.
  • Easily add listening exercises and voice messages into any LMS course page, significantly reducing barriers of adoption and minimizing learning curves.
  • Automatically add voice board evaluations to CMS gradebooks, saving time and providing timely feedback to students.

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“Both our students and faculty report that voice authoring with Blackboard Collaborate heightens socialization and accelerates the establishment of a cohesive community of learners.”

Phil O’Hara, Assistant Director, Academic Computer Services, Dalhousie University