Blackboard Collaborate Community Partner Program

At Blackboard Collaborate, we believe that as a good corporate citizen, it's important to make a positive impact on a global level. That's what our Community Partner Program is all about - working together to leverage limited resources, broaden inclusion, increase accessibility, and provide opportunities for online teaching, learning, and collaboration worldwide. It really is all about making a difference.

The Blackboard Collaborate™ Community Partner Program provides valuable products and services to a wide variety of organizations, including nonprofits, education consortia, and academic institutions. Here are just some of them.

Flat Classroom
A La CARTE Connection

Note: Due to overwhelming interest, we have used up all the spots in the program for 2011. We are temporarily suspending the submission of new Community Partner Program applications. Thanks for your interest, and please visit this page in the future to check if the program is open again.


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