Past Hall of Fame Inductees


Meet the 2012 Hall of Fame Winners

For more than a decade, has used Blackboard Collaborate for supplemental instructional opportunities in nearly 200 school districts in Pennsylvania and three other states. In addition to supporting a full K-12 curriculum, the company has expanded language offerings, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian, in numerous rural school districts with few resources, while maintaining an unheard of attrition rate of not more than 10%. In fact, 87% of students report that they want to continue learning the target language they are studying.

Broward County Public Schools Sheridan Technical Center

One of the largest in the country, Broward County School District not only educates K-12 students, it also reaches out to the local adult population. Since 2007, this school district's Sheridan Technical Center has conducted countless workshops via Blackboard Collaborate to help educate thousands of adult students in and out of its home state of Florida. These virtual sessions enable adult students to improve their academic skills, prepare for tests such as the TEAS and GED, and broaden their awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities and career choices. Evidence of results is seen with improved scores on all tests and in many classes. In fact, most GED graduates cite their online workshops as a key reason they were able to pass their tests and earn their high school diplomas.

Florida Virtual School

At FLVS, the quality and diversity of student products has consistantly improved by using Blackboard Collaborate for extracurricular activities,like author chats, book discussions, cultural events, history fairs, science fairs, writing workshops, and Shakespeare festivals, FLVS has seen a significant increase in student participation. And just last year, more than 125,000 students attended a series of live new student orientation sessions. Thousands of volunteer hours have been logged by students using Blackboard Collaborate, and surveys show over 90% satisfaction, as students feel activities enhance their experience and contribute to their successful completion of coursework.

Holmes Community College

Holmes Community College has demonstrated outstanding success implementing all capabilities of the Blackboard Collaborate platform. From Blackboard Collaborate enterprise instant messaging (used by 72% of all faculty and staff), the school expanded to Blackboard Collaborate voice authoring capabilities for voice announcements, explanations of assignments, and emails for courses, customer service role playing, pronunciation tests, and oral presentations. The college also relies heavily on web conferencing for virtual classes and office hours, live department and faculty meetings, live and recorded review study and training sessions, and to record its newly coined "gold nugget" moments. Plus, the school holds countless meetings across 3 campuses and 9 county districts, saving up to $1,600 and 50 man-hours per meeting.

Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School is responsible for one the nation’s most aggressive STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – programs for K-12 students. Using Blackboard Collaborate, the school has created an array of innovative programs including a partnership with NASA’s BEST (Beginning Engineering Science and Technology) program to bring actual NASA scientists and enineers into its online classrooms for monthly virtual field trips. Despite having more than 100 6th graders in the program, 100% of the students participated and gave the program 100% in overall satisfaction. Blackboard Collaborate has been instrumental in bridging the geographic gap” between faculty and students who live throughout the state.

University of Idaho

University of Idaho students can be found in all corners of this primarily rural state, with faculty spread across as many as five locations.  In the past, the university relied on telephone conferencing and compressed video for staff meetings. However, after budget cuts in 2008, the university became even more reliant on Blackboard Collaborate to connect in and out-of-state faculty and staff. As a result, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction saved roughly $65,000, while the Department of Leadership and Counseling saved $43,000, for a total estimated savings to the university of $111,000 over 3 years. And with more faculty participating in discussions and meetings, there is increased communication of issues and ownership of decisions, as well as improved morale in the departments and improved services to students.

Virtual School Society/LearnNowBC

Serving K-12 students, adult learners, parents, and teachers throughout British Columbia, the Virtual School Society operates the LearnNowBC web portal, which is bursting at its virtual seams with resources from online courses and tutoring to homework help and career counseling. Since 2006, the virtual school has created a jaw-dropping 232,000 virtual rooms to reach more than 700,000 participants for instruction, administrative meetings, and parent advisory councils.

Meet the 2011 Hall of Fame Winners

Clay County School District

Each year, Clay County School District serves 200+ students in their Hospital Homebound  program. These students have traditionally been served one-on-one in their homes or hospitals with certified county teachers. Due to the increase in gas prices and the low teacher-student ratios, the district was forced to look at new and innovative ways to serve its students without sacrificing student achievement. With Blackboard Collaborate, the “Home Connections” program was able to serve its students virtually with only four teachers and little to no travel. The success of this program has led to the creation of Clay County’s 41st school, Clay Virtual Academy. The Academy will open its doors in the Fall of 2011 to students in grades K-12 and will be forever grateful to the students, teachers and Blackboard Collaborate, all of whom paved the way for future successes.

Dalhousie University

One of the leading universities in Canada, Dalhousie University boasts of hundreds of Blackboard Collaborate rooms and archives that are accessed daily by thousands of students, faculty, and staff for online instruction, office hours, or outside experts. In just one week in the 2010 fall term, 1,171 students and instructors participated in more than 260 hours of live online sessions. Both on-campus and distance students have come to expect classes to have a virtual component for instructor-to-student and student-to-student dialogue. While some academic institutions are just getting programs like these off the ground, this kind of use is business as usual for Dalhousie University.

Drexel University

Drexel University understands that the key to online and blended student retention is engaging students from the point of first contact through graduation and beyond. While Drexel has a true campus-wide implementation of Blackboard Collaborate—from nursing and computer science instruction to online office hours and professional development meetings—the university’s School of Education optimizes Blackboard Collaborate to bring its campus to globally dispersed students through innovative programming. The results of an April 2011 study of Drexel’s MS in Higher Education students supports the importance of engagement as it relates to satisfaction, learning, and alumni development, with 90% saying they were satisfied with the program and 95% saying they would recommend it.

Ivy Tech Community College

At Ivy Tech Community College, enterprise instant messaging has become such a common part of its infrastructure that it is now nearly impossible to catalog all of the diverse uses of the tool, which include instant help desks, online office hours, and real-time library services. Ivy Tech already boasts more than 50,000 students and 2,000 faculty using Blackboard IM at its 26 campuses statewide.  After setting the global standard for utilizing IM, the school also wanted to keep its competitive edge by using the Blackboard Collaborate platform to promote collaborative online learning among students, faculty, and staff located in geographically disbursed areas of the state. Today, Ivy Tech holds more than 100 statewide meetings annually, saving $300,000 or more.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Relying on Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing capability, NYU-Poly created an eMath Forum to provide conditionally-accepted, first-year General Studies students who did not meet the traditional admissions requirements with a highly interactive, challenging online summer math program. The online eMath Forum bridges the gap between students’ high school math skills and those needed to navigate through the rigor of a challenging STEM curriculum at the university level.  The results speak for themselves, with 98% of the students successfully completing the eMath Forum. What's more, 97% who completed the program are currently enrolled at NYU-Poly.

Victoria University

Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, created what it calls a Global English Corner, which enhances its students’ intercultural communication skills as well as the university’s international students’ proficiency in spoken English. Using Blackboard Collaborate, the university adapted a common learning event in China, English Corner, into an online environment to support the important societal and interactive aspects of language learning. From its campus in Melbourne, the university regularly interacts with groups at three universities in China. At the end of the project, 88% of students said that their confidence to speak English had improved after participating in the program, while 35% reported “much improvement” in their English communication skills.