Do More with Fewer Resources

Improve productivity. Recruit, develop, and retain high-performing employees. Gain the insight you need to keep up with hiring trends, changing demographics, and evolving workforce goals.

With the Blackboard Analytics™ Human Resources module you’ll have self-service access to the reliable information you need to help make significant improvements in all aspects of HR—from hiring practices to attrition planning.

Within minutes, get exact answers to questions such as:

  • What is headcount by gender, age band or other demographics?
  • What are total expenses and revenue per employee, by department, location, etc?
  • What are the annual and monthly departmental trends in hiring, terminations, and transfers?
  • Are employee career paths managed effectively? Are you retaining “high performers”?
  • Are pay levels commensurate with performance?
  • Are goals in diversity hiring and career development being met?
  • Do you have adequate plans for succession and replacement of those nearing retirement?

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