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Planning, Implementing and Adopting Blackboard Analytics Financial Reports. Watch the Webinar from UMBC >

Find out exactly where your money is working and where it’s not. Analyze spending trends. Identify new risks and opportunities. Quickly fulfill statutory reporting requirements and more.

Arm your institution with the facts necessary to support strong financial leadership and stewardship. With the Blackboard Analytics™ Finance module you’ll have quick, self-service access to financial reporting and user-friendly analytics that go beyond the basics. You’ll be able to improve your planning and prioritization process and the Finance module will help you make significant improvements in all aspects of finance:

  • Monitoring and managing remaining budget
  • Retention impacts on budget
  • Budget reporting
  • Encumbrance management
  • Trend analysis
  • Exception reporting
  • Information delivery

Blackboard Analytics includes data integration with leading ERP systems, so your solution can be quickly deployed within weeks and cost-effectively customized to meet your institution’s unique requirements.

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