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Today’s students and institutions generate mountains of data, but pulling it all together and making sense of it is a real challenge.

Our data warehouse solutions are built specifically for higher ed, and make it easy for you to analyze data from your students, programs, staff and operations. And since no school and student population is alike, we tailor our solutions to fit your unique profile.

The results you can achieve are remarkable, and the opportunities that will drive your students and institution forward are just waiting to be found.

What will you find?

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How We’re Different

Blackboard Analytics provides data warehouse technologies and services designed to improve student and institutional performance. Our approach is unique because:

  • Built for Higher Ed – We build our technologies exclusively for higher education, and our team tailors each solution to your unique institutional profile.
  • Holistic Data Approach – Our solution analyzes data from all of your educational and business operations, giving you the insight to evolve with the needs of your students and institution.
  • Mobile & Easy to Use – Bring evidence to every meeting with our mobile reports and dashboards. Easily customize and extend our platform to meet your needs.
  • Deep Expertise – Our team includes former deans, enrollment officers, institutional researchers, chief business officers, and data warehouse specialists to help you consider what data is most important, and where to apply it.

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Blackboard Analytics for Student Retention

Improve Student Retention: Student Cohort Tracking by Term and Year. Pictured from Blackboard Analytics.

Identify at-risk populations for early intervention based on a rich multitude of predefined, but customizable, factors like enrollment status, GPA, financial aid load, high school test scores, ethnicity, gender, student zipcode, and more.

Our solutions empower key stakeholders of student success with the tools they need to analyze their unique student population, diagnose areas of risk and prove value of current retention programs and tactics.

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At Lewis & Clark Community College, a more data-driven focus on student retention has led to cost savings of $700K, and a +17 pts increase in student retention, in just three semesters.

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Blackboard Analytics for Strategic Enrollment

Target & Analyze Enrollments: Mapping of Student Applicants by State. Pictured from Blackboard Analytics.

Align marketing and recruiting strategies and institutional aid awards with enrollment objectives. Monitor your admissions funnel and enrollment yield with up-to-date dashboards and reports.

Our solutions empower enrollment and admissions teams to be more data-driven in their tactics, programs and strategies, maximizing focus and return-on-investment.

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At Cal Maritime, the Office of the Registrar uses Blackboard Analytics to monitor and report against enrollment goals and metrics to the chancellor’s office.

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Blackboard Analytics for Fiscal Success

Drive Fiscal Success: Cost of Instruction Analysis by Academic Organization. Pictured from Blackboard Analytics.

Arm your institution with the facts necessary to support strong financial leadership and stewardship. Improve your planning and prioritization process and make significant enhancements in all aspects of finance.

Our solutions empower finance, as well as academic and administrative leaders, with the tools necessary to support program review, cost of instruction analysis, performance based funding requests, and more.

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Coppin State University uses Blackboard Analytics to look more closely at costs and revenues associated with academic programs, students and more.

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Blackboard Analytics for Learner Engagement

Increase Learner Engagement: Student Course Accesses vs Grade Performance. Pictured from Blackboard Analytics.

Uncover the insights necessary to improve student engagement, increase adoption of technology, and scale growth of your online programs, using LMS data from Blackboard Learn.

Our solutions empower leaders in online learning to improve course design, judge performance against learning outcomes – all with an aim to increase the engagement of students in your online courses.

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At Coppin State University, the online learning and instructional design teams have used Blackboard Analytics to uncover insights that are driving improvements to student success, faculty adoption of technology, and more.

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