Blackboard Content Distribution Program for Course Cartridges

With over 20 content providers, 30 publishing imprints, 60 academic disciplines, thousands of titles and countless possibilities available in the Extensions Catalog, it is easy for faculty to add compelling, interactive digital content to their online courses.

The Content Distribution Program enables Blackboard partners to create Course Cartridges that are easily distributed to instructors that are formatted to seamlessly work within their Blackboard Learn™ course.

The Content Distribution Program provides the tools for Blackboard partners to:

  • Author Course Cartridges on hosted Blackboard servers
  • Easily distribute Course Cartridges to instructors using an automated process
  • Display their Course Cartridge listings in the Blackboard Extensions catalog
  • Demo their Course Cartridges to perspective instructors in the Blackboard Learn™ environment

Blackboard Partnerships™ offers you the opportunity to distribute your content in the three supported Blackboard Learn environments:

  • Blackboard Learn: create Course Cartridges compatible with the Blackboard Learn platform
  • Blackboard Learning System - Vista and CE: create ePacks compatible with legacy WebCT Vista and WebCT Campus Edition platforms
  • Blackboard Learning System - Angel: create Angel Archives that work with legacy Angel platforms

Join us and distribute your content in the Blackboard Learn environment.

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