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Get Started

The Dropbox Education building block download is available now to institutions running either the Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q2 2016 or Q4 2015 release. This building block allows instructors and students to link to their Dropbox content directly from Blackboard Learn using the mashup functionality found in most Blackboard Learn workflows.

Blackboard Learn SaaS and 9.1, Q4 2016 versions—and newer—have the building block pre-installed, allowing instructors and students to link to their Dropbox content directly from Blackboard Learn using the mashup functionality. Additionally, this building block offers students the ability to upload assignments directly from their Dropbox account into Blackboard Learn.

There is no fee for this integration.

Gain Direct Access to Dropbox Content From Blackboard Learn

Whether your students, faculty and staff are using a Dropbox Education or a Dropbox personal account, the integration with Blackboard Learn enables users to access, share and upload their Dropbox content directly within Blackboard Learn courses.

Why Dropbox?

Dropbox Education enables faculty and students to connect and collaborate anywhere, on any device:

Provide direct access to your content

  • Seamlessly authenticate to Dropbox through the Blackboard Learn interface
  • Access your Dropbox learning content from any device, online or offline
  • Manage your learning content in one place

Support and facilitate group collaboration

  • Enable faculty, staff and students to work on files of any size or type with cross-device sync
  • Support collaborative content creation via permissions and version control
  • Engage with a global collaboration network of 600M Dropbox users

Power user management and secure your institution’s content

  • Gain visibility and control to manage users, monitor activity and control sharing permissions
  • Secure your data with multiple layers of protection
  • Powered by a secure architecture, including FERPA, HIPAA and COPPA certifications