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Partner Content Distribution Program

Get the tools you need

  • Author course cartridges on hosted Blackboard servers
  • Easily distribute course cartridges to instructors using an automated process
  • Display your course cartridge listings in the Blackboard Extensions catalog
  • Demo your course cartridges to prospective instructors in the Blackboard Learn™ environment

Blackboard Diploma

Create, manage, and export test authoring materials

Blackboard Diploma is the premier question authoring and management tool for publishers. By partnering with Diploma, publishers can have their content authored into a platform that can deliver their exam content in multiple formats. Diploma provides publishers with an easy out of the box solution for distributing their exam material to instructors.

Features built for education

Using Diploma, instructors have all of the tools they need to create, author, edit, customize, and deliver multiple types of tests quickly and easily. Instructors can import questions directly from a test bank into their Blackboard Learn course, create their own questions, or edit existing questions provided by the publisher, all within Diploma's powerful electronic platform.

Creating tests is simple

  • Questions can be added into a new test by simply dragging and dropping them one at a time, in groups, or adding entire chapters.
  • The split screen interface displays the test banks questions and the test creation window simultaneously.
  • Instructors can filter questions based on publisher-provided criteria such as difficulty level, objective, or section values.
  • Instructors can author and edit questions of multiple types, including: True/false, multiple choice, matching, essay, and many others. Instructors can also take advantage of Diploma’s robust algorithmic engine to create questions with variables and standard math functions.
  • After instructors have created tests, they can be delivered in multiple formats, including print and electronic. They can be exported in Rich Text Format directly into Microsoft Word and other word processing programs, or into popular course management systems like Blackboard Learn.

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