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A collage of the technology included in the New Learning Experience

Introducing the New Learning Experience

The New Learning Experience is a new approach to education that fosters better engagement, interaction, and quality learning. We believe that through the delivery of leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities, we can help you make an enormous difference in meeting your learners' needs and driving their success.

Personal, intuitive, connected, and always on

The New Learning Experience comes to life by creating products and capabilities that are:

  • Focused on the wants and needs of the learner
  • Tightly integrated into connected and sensible workflows
  • Packaged in a delightful user experience
  • Accessible, mobile and always-on
  • Layered with data and analytics capabilities.

The New Learning Experience will lead to better engagement and interaction, which ultimately creates a more effective learning experience.

Leading-edge tech, services, and data capabilities

Using our leading-edge technology, services and data capabilities, you can nurture your learners and create a delightful user experience throughout their entire journey—from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

An innovative approach to the education journey

Foster engagement, interaction, and quality learning to create a delightful user experience throughout the entire learner journey—from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

Three students use powerful, intuitive tools to connect and interact with their community.

A learner-focused experience

With powerful, intuitive tools, learners connect and interact with their community, 24/7.

An illustration of education technology

Simple, seamless workflow

Connected and tightly integrated workflows in an always-on environment promote interaction and drive learning success.

Graphical data displayed on a tablet..

Improve access and outcomes

Integrated data and analytics let users track and direct their own learning experience to better manage their workflow.


A group of BbWorld particiapnts work together in a hands-on workshop.

Get ready for BbWorld 2016

Join us this July in Las Vegas for BbWorld 2016, the leading ed-tech conference that brings together thought leaders from around the world for educational sessions, product demonstrations, knowledge sharing, networking, and more.

Learning beyond the classroom

We offer a complete portfolio of digital teaching, learning, and community engagement solutions that bring teachers, parents, and students together to improve student achievement. Informed and engaged communities are critical to supporting new models of learning in and beyond the classroom.

Discover the new Blackboard
A winter snow storn that closed schools.

Keep your community safe

Create a safe learning environment for students, while keeping teachers, staff and families well-informed on the communication channels they prefer and on the devices they use.

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A new vision for higher ed learning

The future of teaching and learning in higher education is where leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities come together to create a powerful, student-focused educational advantage. The result: deeper engagement, more fluid interaction, and quality learning.

Teaching & learning technology

We’re creating a new way for teaching and learning to happen—one that puts students at the center. The New Learning Experience is intuitive, personal, connected, and always on. Check out the new Blackboard.

Services to support the New Learning Experience

Re-imagining education means implementing more learner centric practices from student support services to technology implementation and adoption. Blackboard is helping clients do just that. With the largest team of experts from education, Blackboard leads the way in education services.

Student support and technical services representatives work on computers.

Student services and technology support

Unique in the market, we provide 24/7 comprehensive student support services for over 500 clients, using a highly personalized and technology driven approach.

View our help desk services

Data Capabilities

Blackboard is here to help you leverage technology and data to deliver personalized and improved student experiences and make it easy for students to navigate the business of being a student.

A Blackboard Transact mobile reader

Imagine a convenient, cashless campus

Blackboard Transact™ gives your students the convenience of one card for all their needs—from building access to campus meals, to on and off-campus purchases.

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Motivating the passion to inspire learning

The future of employee training and development includes better engagement, interaction, and lifelong learning. Our learner-centric approach helps you achieve your goals with innovative technology, services, and data capabilities.

A more effective learning experience.

To develop talent and disseminate best practices, your training tools have to be fast, simple, engaging—and get measurable results. Blackboard Collaborate’s top-quality audio, video, and application sharing make workforce training easier than ever.

Two men participate in a web conference

Next-generation Web conferencing

Create a virtual classroom using a reliable tool to bring learners together and engage them as never before.

A team of consultants web conference with a client

Technology that removes barriers

Collaborative technology involves learners so completely; they’ll forget they’re not sharing a physical space.

A woman watches a live meeting on a tablet.

Move beyond a meeting tool

World-class collaboration and engagement tools keep learners engaged in their sessions everywhere, every time.

Success stories

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    It was clear to us from the beginning that Blackboard knows K-12 education.

    Dr. Angelique Nedved, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Lawrence Public Schools

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    It’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, and a lot of our learners are already familiar with Blackboard.

    Ann Gambaro, Director of Content Development and Lead Instructional Designer, Mortgage Bankers Association

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    Blackboard is constantly growing, and I must grow along with the learning and collaboration platform.

    Desiree Dixon, System Administrator, US Army (Fort Eustis)

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    A slick interface that brings together great products is a win-win for PowerSchool and Blackboard users.

    Oliver Wreford, VP of Product and Marketing, School Systems, Pearson PowerSchool

  • test

    Just saw the most recent version of Blackboard Collaborate, and wow, it looks great.

    Ryan Gravette, Technology Director, Idaho Digital Learning

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