Military Solutions

Proud to prepare our troops to be a force for good

Since 2007, over 300,000 members of the U.S. military have participated in life-long learning programs using Blackboard solutions. Our unequaled solutions for online education, mass notifications, and recruiting make it easy to securely deliver education and training anywhere in the world. Aligned with the DIACAP certification and accreditation process, we ensure risk management is applied accordingly.

Online Learning

Facilitate the types of continuous learning opportunities that military personnel need to succeed with Blackboard’s learning solutions. With Blackboard you can provide an archive so soldiers can “reach back” for continuous learning and engagement. Additionally, soldiers pick up knowledge through social sharing, and foster collaboration through virtual classrooms.


Online Training

Give troops the knowledge they need to survive and succeed with online training. Through virtual classrooms, personnel can meet their training goals from anywhere at any time, giving them back valuable time with their families.


Talent & Recruiting Solutions

Connect with college graduates to demonstrate what the military has to offer with our Talent and Recruiting solutions. Target students in professional programs that best match the mission of your service branch.


Communication & Mass Notification

Reach any number of people in minutes with Blackboard Connect. A fast, reliable, and secure mass notification system, it can alert troops of an urgent matter or immediately inform local citizens of critical information.


Data-Driven Outcomes

Get the data you need to make informed, timely decisions to help improve the performance of personnel. The Blackboard Analytics solution gives you self-service access to learners' data through data warehousing, reporting, and dashboards.


Enterprise Consulting

Increase efficiencies at your base with our Enterprise Consulting service. Our experts will work with you to plan online learning content, train your trainers, or implement a flexible educational technology ecosystem.


Next Steps

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