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The most reliable notification system

Blackboard Connect™ is the most powerful and reliable mass notification system on the market. Whether you're sending emergency alerts, or routine messages, Blackboard helps you connect with your community.

Get your message out

Increase the effectiveness of your emergency notifications and community outreach by reaching anyone, anytime with Blackboard’s mass notification system.
Get your message out

Keep your community close

Explore the benefits of Blackboard Connect's features and functionality.

Instant Notification

Instant notification

When every second counts, connect with confidence.

Personalized outreach

Reach each person how, when, and where they choose.

Easy Automation

Easy automation

Send data-driven and recurring notifications.

Proven Reliability

Proven reliability

Send thousands of messages every minute without worry.

Community Engagement

Community engagement

Keep your community informed, involved, and secure.

Multifunctional communication

Multifunctional communication

Communicate internally or externally with your community.

Any Device Access

Any device access

Create, schedule and send messages from any device.

Reporting Features

Reporting features

View delivery results, usage, trends and opt-outs.

Advanced capabilities to improve communication

Keeping in touch with your community has never been easier.

The tool to drive your communication success

You can count on us to help you get your messages out exactly when you want and to the people you want.

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