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Transforming education through innovative LMS technology

The Learning Management System has changed the way students and educators interact. Blackboard's LMS solutions offer much more than simple, classroom interaction, they support the entire education experience enabling educators to not only interact, but truly engage their students in learning.

Transformative LMS technology that meets your ever evolving needs

Identifying educators' needs to deliver content digitally, we developed our first learning management system. As teaching and learning continuously changes, we're pioneering advancements in teaching and learning and creating powerful analytics to drive learner success and instutitional performance.
Students using LMS Technology

Important Aspects of a Learning Management System

Student Raising Hand

Simple and easy to use

An effective LMS is easy-to-use, provides simple, but powerful workflows, enabling quick adoption by educators and students to create a better learning experience and increase engagement.

Responsive Design

Anywhere, anytime learning

Responsive and mobile-first design drive today's LMS experience ensuring educators and learners can connect anytime, anywhere, on any device

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration

The best learning management systems provide synchronous learning to foster engagement and real-time collaboration.

We innovate with the learner in mind

Foster engagement, interaction, and quality learning throughout the student journey with Blackboard's learning management system offerings—from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

Key Features

Simple, powerful, open

Blackboard's LMS solutions help you create learning virtually anywhere, promote collaboration in and beyond the classroom, deliver targeted information to keep learners on track, and store, share, and collaborate around content quickly and easily.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is a full-featured LMS that brings together students, educators, and administrators in a comprehensive digital learning environment

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Open Solutions for Moodle

We've taken Moodle to the next level with personalized learning, advanced reports, grading, and improved design.

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Partnerships for LMS

LMS: Your One Stop Shop

We partner with the broadest range of industry leading content and technology providers that deeply integrate their offerings into our learning management systems.

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Find the right LMS for you

Check out these resources designed to make it easier to choose an LMS

Complete digital learning for K-12

Our LMS solutions can help teachers, administrators, and students personalize learning while also fulfilling the requirements of competency-based education.

Key Features

Powering personalized, competency-based learning

Our learning management systems bring teaching and learning to life. Innovative technology helps teachers adapt to new or evolving standards, blend and personalize learning, and deliver engaging digital experiences. New learning models, delivered with Blackboard LMS solutions, help create the opportunity for all students to realize their potential.

A complete learning environment that goes beyond the traditional LMS

We’re creating a new way to teach and learn online. One that puts learners at the center, while making it easy for faculty to foster learning. It’s your foundation for an unmatched education experience, providing the technology and support to meet the evolving needs of students.

Key Features

Blackboard has your institution's needs covered

Our proven, innovative learning solutions make it easy for educators and staff to drive student engagement and learning outcomes.

Unified solutions for learning

For all your training, professional development, and collaboration needs, we can uniquely support your business with a proven suite of integrated solutions.

Key Features

Exceeding your organization's expectations

Blackboard has your organization's learning needs covered with our LMS solutions. Provide an easy to use, social, and mobile learning experience from anywhere.

Moodlerooms, Open Source LMS for Business

Open-source learning

Our open-source learning solution enables you to deliver engaging content. Using our powerful tools, you can determine which training programs most effectively boost learning, employee efficiency, and productivity.

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Partnerships to maximize LMS effectiveness


You can depend on Blackboard to provide innovative, reliable solutions that will grow with your organization and work seamlessly with an unmatched number of content and learning technologies.

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One LMS for everyone in your organization

Whether you field civil servants across the country or servicemen and women around the world, Blackboard Learn is the flexible, comprehensive learning management system that can keep them all up to speed.

Key Features

Interactive, collaborative learning

Wherever your people are serving, we can serve their learning needs - in real-time, at any hour. Tools to personalize learning make it that much more effective.

Moodlerooms for Government

Open-source learning

Get the best of Moodlerooms with powerful features designed for the enterprise, plus round-the-clock support to help you every step of the way.

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