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Prepare for the common standards

Almost half of American teachers feel under-prepared for using and implementing the Common Core State Standards. Our teaching and learning solutions will help you prepare as well as succeed in the classroom.


How Blackboard can help you.

A teacher and student learn together.

Train more efficiently

Inspire your teachers with engaging professional development using a learning management system to deliver online courses, assessments and multimedia, and encourage an online learning community.

A student sits on the stairs in his school working on his mobile device.

Increase achievement by consulting real data

Use online reporting tools to share both your successes and failures and help schools identify and combat the problems that are occurring with the rollout of Common Core.

Three students work on a science project.

Align assessments to standards

Easily sync your online assessments to common standards within the learning management system all the way down to the question level.

Two young girl students watch a tablet.

Save time with standards-aligned curricula from xpLor

Access the only cloud-based, cross-platform global learning repository that allows you to search, share, author and re-use digital content that you can pull into your online classroom environment.

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