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Student Data for K12

Give parents the information they need to impact their child’s success

Parents want to play an active role in their student’s education. Give them the student data and school updates they need, all in one place, so it can positively impact learning outcomes.

Strong, informed support systems lead to student success

Unlock your district's data and help parents become actively involved in their child's daily academic life. Share information from your SIS, grade books, lunch systems, and other sources directly to your website, mobile app, and notifications.

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Key benefits

Simplify systems for parents

Simplify integration

Attendance, lunch balances, grades - the list of student specific data your district has goes on and on. Integrate all that information with the communication tools you're already using, without the hassle of manual data entry and upkeep.

Diversify across platforms

Diversity delivery

Give them access to their child's academic data across all their devices through your website, mobile app, voice messages, texts, push notifications, and email.

Empower parents

Empower parents

Parents want convenient, actionable information on their student’s academics in a place where they can also see school updates. Combine and share all that data and news on platforms your parents are already checking for information - your website and mobile app.

Support Students

Support students

Displaying and sending student specific information isn't only beneficial for parents, it's also helpful for your students. They'll have a way to check on grades and assignments, allowing them to proactively manage their academic experience.

Web Community Manager

Student data on your website

Your website is already the hub your parents visit for information, why not add in the critical student data they’re looking for? The Dashboard within Web Community Manager is the convenient tool your families can use to see grades, school news, attendance and more right from your website.

Web Community Manager

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