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Support resources for Blackboard Engage customers

Your support options have not changed

We remain committed to providing best-in-class support for our Blackboard Engage, formerly Edline, customers. Use this portal to locate and access the support resources for your product, and be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page to learn how our support for family and community engagement is evolving.

A support representative helps a client on the phone.

Edline customers

The best way to log into your district or school’s Edline website is directly from that web page. However, if you do not know the web address, you may use one of the links below. If you have questions about how you should be logging in, please reach out to your institution’s Edline administrator for further information.

SchoolCenter customers

SchoolFusion customers

SchoolWorld customers

GradeQuick customers

EasyGrade Pro customers

Blackboard for K-12

Two students work together on a laptop.

More comprehensive parent & community engagement

Blackboard offers the only K-12 communications suite that puts it all together: parent notifications, school websites, and a mobile app that is custom-designed for your learning community.

A family watches a laptop with each other.

Blackboard Schoolwires

Blackboard Schoolwires provides K-12 schools and districts with beautifully designed, responsive content management systems that are low-maintenance and reliably hosted.

A man uses his mobile device to communicate with his child's school.

Go mobile with Blackboard ParentLink

Your community is mobile; now your district can be too. Discover how to land your district in the hands of your on-the-go community with a custom district mobile app.