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A beautifully designed mobile app for your community with the latest news, schedules, and school information personalized for every parent. ParentLink integrates with our school websites and mass notifications for a more streamlined and mobile communication experience.

Everything school, in one app

Provide all the information parents need—grades, calendars, homework and more—complete with instant notifications to keep everyone informed.

A screenshot of the ParentLink interface

Custom branded app for your district

Engage parents and your community with on demand access to the information they want about students and school.

An illustration of a newspaper, representing latest information

The latest info

School and district news, multimedia, calendars, attendance hotline, staff directory, and more.

An illustration ofa notification flag


Important notifications like emergency alerts, school closures, and early releases.

An illustration of a stack of books.


Easy access for parents to class pages, assignments, and grades for their students.

An illustration of a clock, an apple and a Twitter badge.

Helpful resources

Lunch menus and balances, athletics schedules, social media, and more.

Illustration of a purple hand on a screen

A personalized user experience

  • Grades: In addition to viewing grades, your district app sends a mobile alert if a grade drops below a certain level.
  • Assignments: View a full list of current, completed, and missed assignments.
  • Timely updates: Give your users the information they want most, when they need it.
  • Lunch menu/balance: See menus and your cafeteria balance, including low balance reminders.

An illustration of technology in blue

An integrated communications solution

  • Complete translation: Over 60 languages across the entire interface.
  • Messaging: Skip the email inbox, send messages right to your user’s phones.
  • Tip line: Submit anonymous tips, including images and categories. Can also be used as a suggestion box or survey tool.

Next Steps

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