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Communications Leaders

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One solution for connecting your entire community

Educators, parents, and the community share a common goal – developing successful students. With the most complete communications solutions, Blackboard can help your district or school address the need for ongoing dialog on those common interests. Because when parents engage with school, their students are more likely to succeed.

Your district, in the app store

Engage every family and build relationships with a K-12 mobile app that puts your story in the your community's hands. Connect with them through traditional methods like phone calls and emails, as well as emerging formats like app messaging and social media.

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Winner of the 2015 District Administrator Reader’s Choice award

Blackboard ParentLink is the proud recipient of the Reader’s Choice award. This prestigious award is given to only the best K-12 products and services, as selected by District Administrator readers from across the country.

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Choosing the right mobile app for your community

With more than three-quarters of K-12 parents owning smartphones, your district’s choice of a mobile app is critical. Our Mobile Buyer’s Guide suggests solid criteria for making the buying decision.

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Why should you choose responsive web design?

Responsive web design can be a good first step to becoming a mobile-friendly district. Why is it important? Responsive design empowers your website to deliver an optimized viewing experience on various mobile devices.

Partner with us to create a complete communications strategy

Blackboard is here for you, whether you need to build a mobile app, enhance a website, develop a crisis communication plan or manage your social media.

Give your whole community quick access to information

Families want continuous access to what their children are doing in the classroom. Blackboard tools provide full visibility into students’ activities, achievements, lunch balances, and so much more.

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Monitor the impact of your communications

Get easy reporting of message analytics. Pinpoint information consumption by looking at open rates of emails and delivery results for push notifications, text messages, and phone calls. Add analytics to your website.

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Create once, send everywhere

Communicating across the entire district doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Blackboard lets you create your messages once and deliver them automatically across all of your channels.

Promote two-way communication between parents and schools

Enable deep dialog between schools and your community. Engage parents with both push and pull communications. Send messages whenever you need to, and keep channels open for input from parents.

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Manage social media and grow the conversation

Leverage the power of social media by simplifying the entire process. Monitor your social media activity, interact with your community, and aggregate all of your accounts under one login to save time and increase your reach

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Use feedback to take the temperature of your community

Quickly and easily find out what parents are thinking by conducting surveys or using a tip line. Give your community opportunities to engage with you. Enable community members to provide feedback when you need it.