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Student Retention

92 percent of business officers say “retaining current students is a very important strategy to increase revenue in the near future.”1 Yet many universities struggle with creating a holistic approach to improving student retention. Blackboard can help.

Students retention

Our data-driven retention services help you:

  • Improve existing student retention practices

  • Transform existing data analytics to dashboards and programs to drive improvement

  • Deploy rapid student outreach campaigns

How we can help with retention

Define your holistic vision

We guide you through a framework that helps identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommends a complete approach to improve your retention rates and drive financial benefits.

Make it data driven

We deliver retention reports and dashboards that give you insight and analysis of your student risk profiles. We also provide programming recommendations that are based on the likelihood of student success and consideration of institutional resource capabilities.

Deliver immediate feedback

Our solutions provide you with data on incoming freshman and returning students, thereby allowing you to focus internal resources where they will have the most impact.

Next Steps

Let us help you with each of your specific questions.