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One Stop Student Services

One stop student services centers are no longer just a nice to have, they are a must. Partnering with us ensures your one stop will be uniquely designed to meet the needs of your students and staff.

Flexible solutions for your one stop

We can give you tools to power your one stop, either via our Blackboard SmartView technology or a combination of technology and services. You decide.

One stop benefits

Whether you decide to use our technology-only solution or partner with us for a full virtual solution, you'll enjoy these benefits.

Improved service

Improved service

Designed for one stop support, our technology facilitates ‘one contact resolution’ by integrating multiple data sources into a single view of the student.

Real time data & reporting

Real time data & reporting

We provide you with real-time advisor and student activity updates so you see critical insight into call volumes, problem areas, and levels of student satisfaction.

Privacy and security for one-stop student services

Greater privacy & security

Because we don't require direct access to your institutional data system, your data privacy and security is safeguarded.

Consistent & timely answers

Consistent & timely answers

The comprehensive Knowledge Base used in our solutions ensures advisors provide consistent and timely answers to students. This means increased peace of mind for leadership.

Blackboard SmartView powers your one stop

How our infrastructure sets us apart

Our call centers lead the industry in expertise, training and scalability.

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