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Campus Commerce & Security Solutions

Transform your campus with greater safety and convenience

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that colleges and universities deliver the safety and convenience students have come to expect while squeezing the most out of reduced budgets. Our Campus Commerce & Security Solutions help you meet that challenge. It’s an integrated solution that provides innovative solutions for exterior and cashless commerce, interior and exterior building access both on and off campus, campus-wide video surveillance, and financial services.

Commerce Management

Our cashless commerce ensures streamlined services for dining & vending, activities & events, print & copy, and laundry. It reduces costs associated with separate systems and unifies the campus by meeting the various needs of the student—enhancing satisfaction and promoting retention.


Security Management

Blackboard Transact’s Security Management Solution is a fully integrated and highly scalable module, developed specifically for educational campuses, with campus wide video surveillance, exterior and interior access control and mass notification capabilities.


Financial Services

Our Financial Services provide a platform for students to use their student ID both on and off campus, securely receive financial aid and student payroll balances, and manage their accounts virtually—boosting satisfaction, increasing student deposits, and lowering account management costs.


Mass Notifications

Our mass notification system gives you the ability to reach your campus and community in minutes—whether it is a time-sensitive situation, event outreach, or attendance notification. It is the most efficient way to keep your students and faculty more secure, informed, and involved.


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