Client Stories

Read how other Blackboard clients have used the solutions from Blackboard to become beacons in education and research.

Charles Darwin University

Institutional leaders need a way to guide institutions through the challenges surrounding educational quality, and traditional institutional research is not enough. What is needed are new processes and tools to generate meaningful data. This data leads to action, and action leads to improvement. It’s a concept known as “educational effectiveness,” and Charles Darwin University in Australia is leading the way by turning the concept into reality.

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City University of Hong Kong

“I expect higher education to experience rapid change in the next 10 years. City University has the necessary framework in place through the ‘engage, assess, and manage’ model, to embrace this change. In addition we must be prepared to continue to commit to the best IT infrastructure and support for our students to ensure they have the best chance possible for success.”

Dr. Jerry Yu
CIO at City University.

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Lingnan University- Hong Kong

Lingnan University has long been recognized as a world leader for their use of online technology to improve the quality of the student education experience as well as supporting the quality of their institutional academic goals. It came as no surprise when Lingnan University deployed Blackboard Analytics™, the cutting- edge data warehouse and analytical reporting solution for higher education, to provide their university’s leadership with the ability to make data-informed decisions.

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