Alumni and Community Engagement

Your Challenges

Working with alumni to develop lasting long-term relationships, generate continued support for the institution and potentially re-engaging them as learners in the future is crucial. You also face the challenge of extending your reach to the wider community and keeping them engaged and informed to encourage ongoing interest in the activities of the institution.

How We Help

By offering a wide range of online tools Blackboard can help you to entice alumni back to the classroom and create interest from the wider community.

Blackboard Learn can deliver courses in both blended and fully online forms, so it’s easier to offer Alumni the opportunity to return to study through distance learning courses. With Blackboard Managed Hosting solution you can ensure that wherever in the world they are, they have 24x7 access to course material with a 99.7% uptime guarantee.

To make distance learning even more engaging you can add Blackboard Collaborate with its instant messaging and collaborative learning tools providing an interactive learning experience. With exciting approaches to peer-to-peer learning and instructor-led help while still involving each student on an individual level our collaboration tools can provide distance learners with an exceptional virtual classroom experience.

You can now keep your communities up-to-date with emergency notifications and more general information broadcasts with Blackboard Connect and txttools, by providing two-way messaging services when you need to reach the most people, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The shift in taking institutions to mobile devices is gathering momentum. The Blackboard Mobile Central applications can give alumni and the wider community on-demand access to everything happening on campus. It’s an easy portal for them to access all your institutions resources so they can stay connected to news, activities, and people. Should alumni choose to return to education then Blackboard Mobile Learn offers course delivery on mobile devices so when you integrate Blackboard Mobile Learn into your Blackboard Mobile Central springboard they can have learning and campus life all in one place.

Client Stories

Keeping alumni and the community engaged provides much needed support and sponsorship for many institutions, through the creative use of Blackboard Learn platforms our clients are making sure that their alumni and community goals are met.

A good example of relationships with alumni can be nurtured is at the University Campus Suffolk (UCS).  As well as increasing participation in education across Suffolk the new institution (a joining of East Anglia and Essex Universities, five geographically dispersed colleges), their aim was to encourage future sponsorship from alumni. Everything was housed in the Blackboard Learn platform to make accessibility seamless between campuses and they created three separate portals including one designed specifically for alumni. With their ‘Wolsey Alumni Portal’ they can provide access to former students ensuring a lifetime relationship. Alumni now receive continued access to student services, the careers department and UCS can send them targeted information on new courses. As an important part of the revenue for the university the alumni portal is a valuable asset for UCS. The financial security of the institution has been assisted by their approach to alumni through Blackboard.

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