Attracting New Students

Your Challenges

Attracting new students is a challenge for many institutions. How can you differentiate your institution? How can you effectively target students while keeping within your budgets? How can you ensure that they get engaged with your institution before they even accept a place?

How We Help

Blackboard offers a variety of solutions that can help your institution stand out from the crowd and attract new students.

Through Blackboard Mobile Central you can deliver prospective students a view of your institution on their mobile device with your own mobile application. Let them do virtual campus tours, check out your sports programme, social calendar, grounds and facilities as well as review all the courses and educational support that you offer.

Your learning environment is one of the key elements in the success of student learning. With Blackboard Learn you can be sure that you are offering a cutting edge technology solution to facilitate teaching and learning at your institution. With Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 you have an online learning solution that helps students receive a high quality experience in course delivery, examinations, reporting and grading. When you add to this Blackboard Mobile Learn, you can deliver your teaching and learning to your students' mobile devices and give them the flexibility to learn on the go.

Both students and parents want to be sure that the institution they choose has an effective communication plan in place to keep everyone updated on not only to emergency situations but social and community activities as well. With Blackboard Connect and our Blackboard Connect txttools service your institution can give assurance that students, parents and educators can be kept informed and updated when it matters most.

Client Stories

Blackboard helps many of its clients in their drive to attract new students through its flexible solutions and platforms. A few examples of this can be seen here where institutions have used Blackboard to develop their own strategies.

At Middlesbrough College the objective was to deliver a 21st century curriculum attractive to both students and employers in the North East of the United Kingdom. As a feeder college for some of the regions higher education institutions, Blackboard was the logical choice of virtual learning environment (VLE) to provide a smooth transition for learners. Middlesbrough College used the Blackboard Grade Center to provide better feedback which allowed learners to immediately track their UCAS points. They also offered a saving on printing costs for students through the submission of assignments online using the Blackboard Learn Assignment Handler.

They deployed rich media such as podcasts, e-books and training videos to help students overcome exam anxiety and better prepare for assessments. Middlesbrough College also plans to introduce SafeAssign for plagiarism checking thus reducing the strain on educators. Its success is clearly visible with its best ever results in BTEC National Diplomas and A-level qualifications. Its vocational qualifications have confirmed its status as a solid base for progressing to university with 75% of students progressing to higher education on the basis of their performance at Middlesbrough College.

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Another innovative way to secure students is as part of the application process. The University Campus Suffolk (UCS) are using one of their three Blackboard Learn portals to help with student applications, keeping applicants regularly updated with instant messages. They are also providing a platform for them to connect with discussion forums prior to them arriving at the institution, getting them engaged with the institution earlier and making friends before they even accept a place.

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The Belgian institution KU Leuven, led by government policy, has formed associations so that schools benefit from research expertise and support to help them effectively develop their academic programs. KU Leuven formed an association with 12 catholic schools of higher education across its region and now educates over 80,000 students on two platforms. School students now feel comfortable with the system and often opt to choose KU Leuven as a natural progression of their education.

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