Driving Efficiencies

Your Challenges

How do you deliver cost savings and 24x7 services? With increasing pressure for quality of service, lower down times and greater efficiencies how do you manage your infrastructure and staffing to get the best possible results within budget? Adoption amongst educators can also be an issue with the need for training and education to help them make the most out of the technology deployed.

How We Help

Now that the delivery of educational technology is mission critical, many of our Blackboard Learn clients depend upon Blackboard Managed Hosting to support their vision. The burden of providing 24x7 services and keeping technology infrastructure up-to-date can be handed to the Blackboard Managed Hosting team allowing you to focus on engaging students through better online experiences, improving quality, accountability and strengthening your reputation.

Not only can we take on the challenge of hosting your learning environment we can also provide consulting and training services via our Blackboard Consulting department to ensure that you are benchmarking against the best institutions and give strategic guidance in helping you achieve your efficiency goals. By aligning people, process and technology with your educational vision we can help you steer your institution in gaining the most effective use of educational technology.

Providing certain elements of student services can be a drain on resources. However, giving students access to services such as registration, technical support and financial aid is crucial throughout the student lifecycle. Blackboards Student Services can deliver easy and cost-effective access to these services allowing you to focus on the other challenges.

Client Stories

Over the years Blackboards solutions have assisted many institutions in reducing costs and gaining efficiencies. We strive to create the best solutions for our clients to assist them with time, money or resource efficiencies.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference and at the American University of Dubai they found cost savings through upgrading to 9.1, by having everything integrated into one system. For example their adoption of SafeAssign for plagiarism, reduced purchase costs and time for educators who previously had to put content into a third party content for checking. It also saved time for teachers with integrated Wikis and increased student satisfaction having content in one place.

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Both the University of the Free State in South Africa (read the case study) and Zayed University in the U.A.E. (read the case study) chose Blackboard Learn over a popular open source alternative as they determined that Blackboard was better positioned to provide them with the reliable solution that would allow them to focus on delivering quality blended and distance learning and strenghten their academic excellence.

Kadir Has (Turkey) also reviewed options including open source, but chose Blackboard to better serve its students, faculty and business needs. They opted for Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Managed Hosting to deliver an exceptional e-Learning experience through quality and exceptional reliability. They now rely on Blackboard Managed Hosting 24/7 allowing them to focus on other educational initiatives, predictably managed their over time budget and has saved them considerable time and money. The Blackboard solution has been a great success for Kadir Has, improving quality throughout the institution, delivering reliable online learning, and standards compliance.

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The TeleLearn Academy (TLA) in Germany is a private educational institution providing work-based learning for media professionals. Together with Blackboard they have pioneered the delivery of effective blended learning courses to busy working professionals. Through a combination of Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Managed Hosting, the staff is now able to focus solely on the pedagogy and deliver high-class educational content now that maintaining the IT infrastructure has been taken off their shoulders. They have also deployed blogs, forums and social media components to maximize student’s time by letting them know when new material has been posted and is ready for them to use.

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