No matter what learning challenges you are facing, we can provide you with powerful solutions and support to meet your specific goals.

Business Applications

Wage Training Campaigns
You need to give today's warfighters information pertinent to the urgent situations in theater. And the ability for classroom students to learn from that experience. Blackboard Learn™ for Military provides a reachback solution where soldiers and trainees can share information and mutually benefit from in-depth, advanced training.

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Support Joint Operations
Joint force readiness is only achieved when education and training are properly aligned with combatant command operational needs. Blackboard Learn for Military is a distance education program that facilitates education for military officers and national security leaders in joint multinational and interagency operations.

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Develop Tomorrow's Leaders
Leverage Blackboard Learn for Military to move beyond onboarding and toward a meaningful leadership training program. You'll be well prepared for when today's military leaders reach retirement eligibility.

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Product Features

Effectively Engage Learners

Course delivery technology is at the heart of the Blackboard Learn™ platform. Engage your learners with the proven course delivery platform used by over 20 million people a day. Use it to set your online program up quickly and moving forward, easily adapt course material to changing battlefield requirements.
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Manage Content Agency-Wide

Blackboard Learn offers an elegant way for you to handle the challenge of managing your continually growing training content.
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Expand Learning Opportunities

Deploy social learning as part of an overall learning strategy. Our powerful collaboration and communication tools will enable you to harness both formal and informal learning.
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Accurately Measure Results

Blackboard Learn provides a powerful platform of tools that support the entire cycle of assessment and evaluation. You'll have the data you need to make informed decisions, and powerful reports that give you immediate insight into your training performance.
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Blackboard Managed Hosting

If you are like most organizations, you'd rather focus on delivering effective learning and training rather than the technology behind your programs. That's why more and more of our clients are turning to Blackboard Managed HostingSM.
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Blackboard Consulting

Blackboard offers a wide range of customized consulting engagements designed to capture the full value of your implementation. Our certified experts will work with you throughout your project lifecycle to understand your specific needs.
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In order to ensure success, technology adoption is essential. Blackboard experts will train your administrators and personnel so that they can teach others. We've developed a number of courses and workshops, with options ranging from online courses or onsite delivery, to regional training and licensed training materials.
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