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Turn your data into knowledge

Blackboard Intelligence

Improve program effectiveness using data-driven analytics on learner behaviors. Blackboard Intelligence provides instructors with easy access to the insights on student engagement and performance that they need to take action and correct course.

Institution Intelligence

Blackboard Intelligence enables insights into institutional data for data-driven decision making and creates a single self-service operational reporting platform.

Learner Intelligence

Blackboard Analytics for Learn combines extensive data from Blackboard Learn™ with student and course attributes from your SIS/ERP to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for students, instructors, staff, and leaders. 

Engage students by providing them with information to monitor their performance in courses and to compare themselves to peers. Blackboard Analytics for Learn lets you easily create dashboards with the information students need. And students can access these dashboards from within their Blackboard Learn courses. 

Give instructors better, faster, more reliable data that helps students succeed. Course dashboards and other reports from Blackboard Analytics for Learn are available to instructors in their courses. 

Your staff has easy, self-service access to data that can give you an enterprise-level perspective. Gain insight into user activity, course design, and student grade and learning outcome data across departments and colleges. Be empowered to improve your use of the Blackboard Learn platform in support of teaching, learning, and student success.

Blackboard Predict

Reduce student attrition by identifying the early warning signs by using data found in Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Predict models the key indicators of risk, and provides institutions with the information they need to proactively intervene—before it’s too late.

X-Ray for Moodlerooms

Drive improved learning outcomes by knowing what’s working (and what isn’t) in a given course. X-Ray for Moodlerooms also helps instructors flag those students who are at risk for attrition—and to take swift action to intervene.

Student Management suite

Identify at-risk populations for early intervention. Align recruiting strategies and institutional aid awards with enrollment and retention objectives. Discover vital insights into your student population. Manage course loads and class utilization. Help allocate resources more effectively.

We offer two data warehouse product modules that work together to support the challenges of the academic affairs and enrollment management offices: Student Management and Financial Aid.

Student Management

With the Blackboard Analytics Student Management module you’ll have easy, self-service access to data that can help you make significant improvements—from developing more effective recruiting strategies and creating proactive retention plans to monitoring and influencing performance.

Find out exactly what’s working and what needs to be improved in every aspect of the student information life cycle:

  • Effective recruiting
  • Course optimization
  • Student retention
  • Outcomes management
  • Strategic enrollment management
  • Performance management
  • Early intervention
  • Graduation

Financial Aid

With the addition of our Financial Aid module you’ll have access to an integrated data set of financial aid, admissions, and enrollment data for targeted analyses to:

  • Determine which combinations of student need and academic credential achieve the best admission yield
  • Better allocate financial aid to achieve the optimal yields
  • Track the status of the financial aid workflow
  • Understand how retention varies based on financial aid award patterns
  • Align offer strategies with retention objective 

Blackboard Analytics includes data integration with leading ERP systems, so your solution can be quickly deployed—within weeks—and cost-effectively customized to meet your institution’s unique requirements.


How well is your money working for you? Analyze spending trends. Identify new risks and opportunities. Quickly fulfill statutory reporting requirements and more. 

Arm your institution with the facts necessary to support strong financial leadership and stewardship. With the Blackboard Analytics Finance module you’ll have quick, self-service access to financial reporting and user-friendly analytics that go beyond the basics. You’ll be able to improve your planning and prioritization process and the Finance module will help you make significant improvements in all aspects of finance:

  • Monitoring and managing remaining budget
  • Retention impacts on budget
  • Budget reporting
  • Encumbrance management
  • Trend analysis
  • Exception reporting
  • Information delivery 

Blackboard Analytics includes data integration with leading ERP systems, so your solution can be deployed within weeks and cost-effectively customized to meet your institution’s unique requirements.

Human Resources

Do more with fewer resources. Improve productivity. Recruit, develop, and retain high-performing employees. Gain the insight you need to keep up with hiring trends, changing demographics, and evolving workforce goals.

With the Blackboard Analytics Human Resources module you’ll have self-service access to the reliable information you need to help make significant improvements in all aspects of HR—from hiring practices to attrition planning.

Within minutes, get exact answers to questions such as:

  • What is headcount by gender, age band, or other demographics?
  • What are total expenses and revenue per employee, by department, location, etc.?
  • What are annual and monthly departmental trends in hiring, terminations, and transfers?
  • Are employee career paths managed effectively? Are you retaining high performers?
  • Are pay levels commensurate with performance?
  • Are goals in diversity hiring and career development being met? 
  • Do you have adequate plans for succession and replacement of those nearing retirement?


Make your advancement initiatives more fruitful. Build stronger relationships with alumni and donors. Create targeted messaging that resonates more effectively with your contributors. With the Blackboard Analytics Advancement module you’ll have easy, self-service access to all the data you need to make informed decisions and focus your advancement efforts for optimal productivity. 

Create better solutions using reliable reports and dashboards to answer pressing questions, such as:

  • Who are the top 50 contributors?
  • What are the outstanding pledges?
  • Which gift officers have exceeded their fundraising targets?
  • What is the quality of the donor pipeline?
  • Which campaigns have been most effective?
  • Which contributors have stopped or significantly reduced their giving?
  • Which contributors comprise 70 percent of all spending (Pareto analysis)? 

Blackboard Analytics includes data integration with leading ERP systems, so your solution can be quickly deployed—within weeks—and cost-effectively customized to meet your institution’s unique requirements.

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