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Using data to improve student outcomes

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Blackboard Intelligence

Blackboard Intelligence is a comprehensive suite of data warehouse software and reporting solutions to help you understand and optimize every dimension of your college or university.

Analytics for Learn and Student Management surface and integrate data from multiple sources to give you information about every aspect of the student life cycle. With rich data about the experience of your students as they navigate your institution, you can increase enrollment, cut costs to students, improve learning outcomes, and raise graduation rates.

Institutional Performance provides self-service access to track financial, HR, and advancement data in a way that simplifies reporting, continuous service improvement, and strategic planning.

Educational data mining with Blackboard Intelligence

Bridge the divide

How can educators connect information on students’ classroom challenges with their progress in degree programs? How can data about what works for students inform high-quality instructional design? How can instructors get the information they need to identify and reach out to underperforming students before it’s too late? How can institutions use an education data warehouse to empower students to take personal responsibility for their learning? 

Analytics for Learn offers unparalleled access to current data about learning activities – enabling administrators, instructional designers, instructors, and students to align what happens in the classroom with the institution’s retention and graduation goals.

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Blackboard Intelligence

As an administrator of higher education, you need to know from day-to-day what your institution is delivering in education and how effective the courses and instructors are. We can help you with that. Learn more about how Blackboard Intelligence can make a difference in your effectiveness.

Eliminate barriers to student success

Discover patterns, evaluate programs, and develop evidence-based enrollment and retention strategies. With Student Management, you’ll have self-service access to data that can help you make significant improvements to your recruiting strategies. Create proactive retention plans and find out exactly what’s working and what needs to be improved at every stage of the student life cycle.

Optional add-ons

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Financial Aid

Understand your students and make sure that they receive the support they need to graduate at high rates with fewer wasted credits, and lower student debt.

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Learn Connector

Get the complete student picture! Fully integrate all of your enrollment and retention data with information collected from Blackboard Learn.

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Cost of instruction

Evaluate which programs are most cost-effective, whether certain courses can be effectively taught online, and when it might be more advantageous to use adjunct rather than regular faculty (or vice versa).

Optimize financial planning

Arm your institution with the facts necessary to support strong financial leadership and stewardship. With Institutional Performance, you'll have quick, self-service access to financial reporting and user-friendly analytics that go beyond the basics. You'll be able to improve your planning and prioritization process. By surfacing important data in a highly digestible format, you can monitor and manage your remaining budget, assess retention impacts on budget, facilitate reporting, manage encumbrances, conduct trend analyses, and more.

Optional add-ons

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Human Resources

Improve productivity. Recruit, develop, and retain high-performing employees. Gain the insight you need to keep up with hiring trends, changing demographics, and evolving workforce goals.

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Who are your top 50 contributors? Which gift officers are exceeding their fundraising targets? Which campaigns have been the more effective? Get the answers to these questions and more with the Advancement add-on for Institutional Intelligence.

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