What Happens to Product Suggestions?

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We review each suggestion when received.
When you enter a suggestion, it is placed in our Suggestion Box. The Suggestion Box is the single place where all suggestions go, whether it is from an individual client, a user group, a partner or other stakeholder. A Blackboard Product Manager is then notified and reviews the suggestion right away. This gives us an opportunity to contact you if we need more information (while it is fresh in your mind). It also helps us identify how you use our software and the challenges you are facing. Every suggestion helps us understand our clients better and ultimately helps us improve our products for you.

We use your suggestions to inform strategy, feature and design decisions in each release.
Blackboard understands our products are mission-critical systems at your organization. To ensure quality and stability, we carefully determine how and when we introduce change to the products. This means that suggestions are typically addressed when we focus on a specific feature in a release. During this process, we revisit suggestions and consider them for inclusion in the release.

Data informs our decisions and is one of the factors weighed in our product strategy. Many times the suggestion is addressed by going beyond the initial idea and solving the root of the problem. By adding context, we can solve problems in creative ways that address a broader range of issues, providing more value to more clients.

We ask you to stay involved.
Based on your suggestions, we may also invite you to join some of our client feedback programs and even be involved in helping Blackboard make decisions during the development of that specific feature. In the meantime, you can always provide feedback to us by joining a community of innovative clients, such as the Blackboard Idea Exchange (BIE). Learn more about the BIE.