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Training solutions

Training solutions for every need and budget

Many ways to learn

Keep your team up to speed on the products they use, so they can focus on what they do best. From hands-on trainings to online courses and customizable training materials, we offer a range of flexible training formats solutions that meet the unique requirements of your staff, faculty, and budget.

Many ways to learn

Learn, more

We offer a wide variety of effective training solutions to help your faculty and staff best take advantage of your technology investment, including online training, hands-on courses, certifications, and flexible training materials. Meeting your goals with Learn means providing your team with a strong foundation of functional knowledge.

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Training solutions in every size and shape

From adoption and implementation to course delivery and enhancement, our flexible training solutions meet you where you are, supporting your goals and helping you get the most value from your technology

Collaborate, better

We offer a wide variety of Collaborate platform training solutions, including online courses, onsite trainings, certifications, and customizable resources. We want to help you deliver more engaging online learning experiences—where and when you need them.

How can we help?

Flexible training solutions to meet every goal

Let us add our expertise to yours. Our flexible training solutions can help your team adopt, implement, and enhance your education strategy and accelerate the value of your technology.



If you’re looking to grow and validate your team’s web conference skills, we’re here to help. We developed the Blackboard Collaborate Certification Program to help your staff excel in the virtual classroom.

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