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Platform Training & Technical Services

A strong technological implementation and well-trained staff are the backbone of a successful Blackboard investment. We have the experience and expertise to optimize your products, and to keep your teams versed in the products and solutions that they use.

Teacher and whiteboard

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning technology assets

We have a full catalog of online and onsite training courses to help your faculty and course designers hone their teaching and learning skills. Additionally, we offer technical courses—including certification courses—for your technology administrators to help you maximize the return on your technology investments.

Pedagogical Training

Take your program to the next level, no matter what learning platform you prefer.

Certified trainer program

Become a certified trainer

A collaborative experience based on a professional framework promoting core competencies and best practices. Learn to make your training more practical, participant-oriented, and energized.

Find our platform training solutions

Our flexible platform training options run the gamut from in person and online courses, and custom materials to give your team the time and tools to better do what they do best.

Unrivaled technical chops

Discover our technical services

With more than 10 years of experience working with enterprise systems and educational technology, we provide Blackboard platform and interface expertise that you cannot find elsewhere.

Training course catalog

Choose from online, onsite, or even hybrid courses.

A course for every need

We understand that when institutions spend limited resources on technology, they want users to fully use the features and functions. An investment in training lays the foundation for enhancing your use of Blackboard tools and best practices in online instruction.

Explore the training course catalog
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