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Blackboard Learn

These product-focused listservs deal primarily with Blackboard Learn and the Blackboard Academic Suite (including the Blackboard Learning System, Blackboard Community System, Blackboard Content Systems and the CE and Vista Enterprise Licenses).

Accessibility_AP - Accessibility for Asia Pacific

ACEVUG – Australia CE/Vista User Group

ANGEL List-serv - List-serv designated for ANGEL Administrators, hosted by IUPUI

ARBUG - Arkansas Bb User Group

Bb-ART-L - Art Schools who use Blackboard

BB_AUG_Southeast – ANGEL Users in the Southeast

Bb Content System - Princeton listserv for Blackboard Content System users

BbiTUNESU - User Group that discusses iTunesU with Blackboard

Bb-JAPAN-L - Blackboard Schools in Japan

Bb_K-12_Admin-L - Blackboard K-12 Administrator Listserv

CAN-BUG - Canadian Users Group

CSBUG - Central States (US) Bb Users Group

CTBUG - Connecticut Bb Users Group

IN-BUG - Indiana Bb Users Group

London Blackboard Users Group - Blackboard Users in London

METBUG - Military Education Training Bb Users Group (DoD)

NW_England_Bug_L – List for Blackboard Users in Northwest England, United Kingdom

NY_CAP_Region_Bug_L - Based in Albany, NY, for Bb users in the New York Capital Region

OracleSIG - Oracle DBA Bb Special Interst Group

RockyBug-L - Colorado Bb Users Group

Solaris_BB_SIG - Solaris special interest group for Bb user’s running Solaris

SUNYBUG-L - For Blackboard users in the State University of New York Network

UK BbUG List - Hosted by the JISC (The Joint Information Systems Committee) for Blackboard Users in the UK.

VA-BUG – Blackboard users in Virginia

WebCT-Announce - General Announcements about CE & Vista Products

WebCT-Users - The WebCT User List

Blackboard Transact

These product-focused listservs deal primarily with Blackboard Transact and the Blackboard Commerce Suite.

Bb Transaction System (run by Penn State University) - Hosted by Pennsylvania State University for Blackboard Commerce Suite clients.

Blackboard Connect

These product-focused listservs deal primarily with Blackboard Connect™.

BbConnect-IT-L - For Connect-ED K-12 CTO and IT users

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