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Turn-key SaaS student ID credential program

With a SaaS campus card and mobile credential transaction solution, rely on trusted professionals to manage your system, get up and running quickly, and spend more time doing what really counts—serving students.


SaaS-deployed Transaction System benefits

On-demand transaction processing power; customized solutions for any combination of meal plans, declining balance account, payroll deduction and credit plans; online account access for cardholders; and professional monitoring and support are all a part of your service.

Dining/meal plan solutions

Get a professionally-managed SaaS meal plan solution that includes system and plan configuration, cardholder account management, system and database administration, and unlimited technical and operational support.

Easy to use

Plan design flexibility

Design plans with any combination of weekly, flex, guest, bonus, eligibility-based, or other specialized accounts.

Engaging and personalized

Managed set-up and configuration

Provide plan/tender requirements and we'll create a unique program with custom plans, parameters, and processing rules.

Expected, yet innovative

Integrated POS solutions

Choose from deeply-integrated Blackboard and partner POS hardware to best fit your requirements.

Engaging and personalized

Advanced funds management

Support search path from multiple plans, dynamic unit equivalency, tender selection, and differential taxation by plan type.

Engaging and personalized

Line-busting innovations

Use the seating heat map and mobile solutions to display activity and occupancy at dining facilities for students to choose the fastest locations.

Engaging and personalized

Board mode processing

Ensure ultra-fast processing at high-volume locations in which the system searches for meal units or deducts a fixed amount.

Declining balance accounts

Process any number of declining balance or other specialized accounts and offer on-campus, off-campus, and e-commerce acceptance. The system is integrated with terminals and applications for maximum acceptance campus-wide.

Engaging and personalized

Account & transaction limit flexibility

Facilitate balance types, multiple accounts per cardholder, special-purpose accounts, and limits by day or amount.

Engaging and personalized

Campus-wide, off-campus, and online acceptance

Offer acceptance and set limits by transaction types and amounts for on-and off-campus locations and online purchases.

Engaging and personalized

Integrated with terminals and applications

Integrate with multiple terminal and application types such as dining, bookstores, retail, copy, laundry, and more.

Cardholder self-service options

Custom-branded and configured, online account portals and self-service kiosks allow convenient account access for cardholders. Check balances, add value, view transaction history, and suspend/reactivate cards.

Engaging and personalized

Anytime, anywhere account access

Provide students and parents anytime, anywhere access to accounts with a secure online/mobile portal and campus-located kiosks.

Supportive of the student lifecycle

Security configuration tools

Help students keep their cards secure with the capability to suspend/reactivate cards and change PINs as necessary.

Engaging and personalized

Auto reload feature

Allow accountholders to schedule pre-determined amounts to transfer from a bankcard to campus accounts on a weekly/monthly basis.


Give cardholders the ability to make purchases at select e-commerce merchants using the same pre-paid spending account they use on-campus. Easily integrate third-party merchants with your transaction system within their check-out process.

Engaging and personalized

Third-party checkout integration

Easily integrate acceptance of your campus cards within merchants' e-commerce checkout process with no integration fees.

Engaging and personalized

Pay-by-phone mobile payments

Support mobile payments using a PayNow button and a scannable barcode for any smartphone and integrated POS system.

Engaging and personalized

Online ordering

Offer robust online ordering with integrated payment functionality that includes both on- and off-campus locations.

System security & access

Highest availability of any campus card transaction system—client- or vendor-hosted—with on-demand virtualization and scalability to easily accommodate continued growth. Plus, with encrypted data transmission, replication and disaster recovery, and a PCI Level 1 data center, your system is secure.

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