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Mobile Credential

Blackboard Mobile Credential

Students today use mobile devices in just about every situation—and they expect that convenience in all aspects of their lives. Provide the security and functionality of an NFC-enabled campus card and the convenience of a mobile device when you turn their smart phones into student ID credentials.

Turn smart phones into mobile student ID credentials for use all across campus.

With your contactless readers, students can use their smartphones as student ID credentials for dining, laundry, vending, retail, access control, and more.

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Use with Blackboard Contactless readers

Use with point of sale, laundry, copy, vending, door access, mobile readers, and more.

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Provide the easiest-to-use solution to your students

Students don’t even need to open an app to use their student ID—the phone just has to be turned on and the screen lit.

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Let them keep their existing case—and uniqueness

Allow students to maintain their individuality—no special phone case or cover is needed.

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Benefit from Near Field Communication leadership

NFC as our ISO communication standard offers the widest array of ISO-standard credential support, including mobile credentials.

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Make changes quickly
& remotely

Update or revoke a mobile ID quickly and remotely. Even completely remove the ID and affiliation with your institution.

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Save time and money with fewer lost cards

While students may easily misplace and lose their cards, they rarely lose their phones.

Expected, yet innovative

Enjoy fast transactions with
a direct read

Mobile Credential uses a direct read between the mobile device and contactless reader—making transactions fast.

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Use easy authentication & authorization over the air

Issue mobile credentials “over-the-air” directly to your student's mobile device.

Why standardize on NFC?

NFC is our ISO communication standard not only for the potential it holds for mobile credentials, but also because it offers the widest array of ISO-standard credential support including magnetic stripe and contactless cards. This versatility ensures meeting a campus' needs for multiple credential types.

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Maximizing hardware investments

All Blackboard hardware shipped since 2010 has included NFC capability, helping prepare your infrastructure to accept multiple credentials. Your previous hardware investments pay off now as you move to the next generation credential.

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Contactless technology

Mifare, DESFire and FeliCa are all supported in our ecosystem, offering unmatched flexibility and pricing driven by global market demand. Contactless technology has reached an excellent balance of security, performance, and price.

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Serving multiple form factors

NFC helps you be uniquely capable of serving the credential needs of everyone, anywhere, via card, mobile, or other form factor.

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