Online Training

Cloud-based collaborative learning across teams and locations

Online learning and training means your staff, partners, and customers can get the knowledge they need, when they need it, regardless of what devices they use or where they happen to be.

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Flexible training

With our learning platform, employees can engage with fellow learners, mentors, instructors, and source material in a variety of ways. Web conferencing allows them to learn through virtual classroom instruction, moderator-led trainings, break out groups, and structured discussions.

Constant collaboration

Enterprise instant messaging enables impromptu meetings and conversations, as well as a way to communicate with far-flung trainers and help desks. Our mobile application lets employees participate in real-time in training sessions or meetings via their mobile devices.

Invest in career growth

Easy integration

Our online training solution integrates not only with Blackboard’s online learning management system, but also other providers. That means you can develop a comprehensive education technology ecosystem that meets all of your training objectives.

Easy integration

Key features:

  • Web Conferencing: Enhance organizational development with virtual classroom training, seminars, group meetings, and informal collaboration 

  • Mobile Collaboration: Enable today’s learners to participate and interact in real-time on their mobile devices–anytime, anywhere, from any learning management system (LMS) 

  • Enterprise Instant Messaging: Increase engagement with immediate information sharing, ad hoc meetings, and collaboration  

  • Voice Authoring: Enrich engagement by adding voice to asynchronous elements of online learning  

  • LMS Integration: Integrate seamlessly with the Blackboard Learn software and other providers 

  • Professional Services: Align people, process, and technology to facilitate client success

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