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Learning Professional for Business

Everyone can grow when you provide standardized training to employees in every location. Our innovative online learning solutions give you the power to easily establish consistent learning experiences across time zones and geographic locations. Our solution supports more than 15 languages, so you'll be able to connect in a natural, comfortable way with employees, customers, and partners around the world.

Learning Professional

Deliver flexible training programs to employees, partners, and customers

Learning Professional is an easy-to-use online learning solution with advanced features that support hundreds of employees. It provides personalized online experiences, social learning, and mobile access to their training programs.

What's Included

We understand the challenges large companies face when training hundreds of employees. We're here to help you address those challenges.


How Blackboard can help your organization.

Improve employee engagement

Accelerate the onboarding of new employees, amp up sales training, and fully train your partners with online learning. Deliver training content securely, quickly, and efficiently.

Invest in career growth

When employees have access to social learning tools, virtual conferencing, and instructor-led and self-paced learning options, you can be sure everyone is living up to their potential.

Keep learners on track

Give learners more control as they navigate your training programs and track their progress toward certifications and other professional development goals.

Easy integration

Our online learning solutions easily integrate with third-party LMS platforms, so you can develop a comprehensive learning environment that meets your organization's training objectives.

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