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Learning Basics for Business

People learn better in a collaborative environment. Provide the professional training they need with engaging, hands-on tools and a personalized, interactive online learning environment. Blackboard Prosites and Moodlerooms offer easy-to-use, integrated, blended learning solutions that can be up and running quickly, even with limited resources, and deployed separately or together. Either way, they make training and development more collaborative, effective, and efficient for your organizations.

Simple solution for online training programs

Simple solution for online training programs

Get your online training programs up and running in weeks, rather than months. With our solution, ideal small businesses and non-profit organizations with less than two-hundred users, you can provide personalized, branded, and collaborative professional training.


How Blackboard can help your business

Increase training opportunities

Give employees access to your proprietary content through online learning and improve their job skills, adding real value to your business with empowered employees.

Reduce costs

With a learning solution that enables online collaboration and virtual meetings, you can cut down your organization's travel and meeting costs.

Improve training outcomes

Our collaborative learning environment provides a framework for your hands-on training content and tools that help them retain more of what they've learned.

Improved results

With online learning, you can increase employee retention, improve sales, provide a higher level of customer service, and make sure your brand is consistent and strong.

What's Included

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