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Extended Enterprise Learning Solutions

The global marketplace presents a need for companies and learning institutions to expand and integrate their business networks. Blackboard’s Extended Enterprise solutions invites collaboration and social learning across industries and across channels naturally connecting organizations, customers, suppliers, partners, distributors, and contractors.

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Empower and engage external audiences

The all-encompassing Learning Management (LMS) solution for training, virtual collaboration, certification and e-commerce bundled with key enterprise functionality for internal and external audiences.


Enable your customers and partners with a training and collaboration platform that improves product knowledge and drives revenue

Learning and profiting from an abacus

Turn learning into revenue streams

Generate additional revenue by selling existing courses and certification programs

Woman training others

Enable customers and partners

Deliver training on your products and services to improve compliance, satisfaction and product time to market

Online community for sharing

Engage your extended networks

Provide online communities where customers and partners can connect, share ideas and provide feedback

Man training a group of employees on computer

Simplify and improve partner adoption

Deliver consistent training to simplify product rollouts

Extended Enterprise capabilities

Blackboard successfully supplies your external leaners with a training and collaboration platform that improves knowledge and drives revenue.

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