Gary Lang

Gary Lang

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Support and Cloud Services

Gary Lang is the senior vice president of product development, support and cloud services at Blackboard, where he manages the development and customer support of the company’s comprehensive product portfolio and the cloud delivery of Blackboard’s products and services. Under Gary’s technical leadership, the company is able to ensure the full strength of the Blackboard product portfolio is leveraged in an integrated way.

Before joining Blackboard in 2013, Gary was executive vice president of products for MarkLogic, which counted Warner Brothers, Dow Jones, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Library of Congress among the clients of its operational big data applications.

Prior to MarkLogic, Gary was a leader in the development of the Visual Studio, .NET, and .NET language teams at Microsoft. Gary has also served as the vice president of platforms and global engineering at Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), where he led the platform and product engineering for the company’s core products as well as new software and services for emerging businesses. Gary’s team of over 1,200 global employees was responsible for developing code for almost all of Autodesk’s desktop and SaaS products, such as AutoCAD, Inventor and Seek. During this period, Gary also served as the vice president of global engineering for the company and managed its offices in China and Singapore.

Gary has more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of large, complex products and systems and in architectural design and direction setting for high-revenue software projects. His expertise lies in balancing executive-level decision making with hands-on software development.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts in computer and information science from the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz and has completed graduate studies in artificial intelligence, VLSI design and software economics at UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz.