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About Us

At Blackboard, we're shaping the future of education with big ideas that are transforming the face of education.

Every day we're helping millions of people around the world find new ways to learn, connect and advance. With innovative technologies and solutions we're bringing them closer to the knowledge they seek and the potential they can achieve.

Who We Are

Who we are 

With innovative technologies and solutions, we’re shaping the future of education, and bringing millions of people around the world closer to the knowledge they seek and the potential they can achieve.

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What we do 

We build education technologies and engaging interfaces focused on the learner, and offer services, analytics, and communication tools to support learning for all.

Who We Serve

Who we serve 

At Blackboard, we nurture learners, and support those who are deeply involved in making education possible, from K-12 and higher education to adult learning and workplace training.

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While our leaders are committed to seeing Blackboard succeed, they are even more passionate about making a meaningful and lasting difference in education and learning across the world. Their diverse backgrounds bring an unmatched level of knowledge to the organization and to education technology as a whole.

Careers at Blackboard

Careers at Blackboard 

Ready to make an impact on the way the world is learning? At Blackboard, we’re reimagining education every day, where every day brings new challenges, new ideas, and new ways to learn. Be part of changing the future of education.

Corporate Headquarters

Beautiful downtown Washington DC

Washington, DC

1111 19th Street N.W.

Washington, DC 20036











Our Awards

When you do something right, people notice. When you do it consistently, they bestow awards. We're excited about the recognition we receive. It encourages us to work even harder and to keep seeking out innovative solutions for our clients. Plus it's a nice ego boost at the end of the day.

2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Awards

2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Awards 

Product of the Year Award Winner: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience

Campus Technology 2015 Readers' Choice Awards

Campus Technology 2015 Readers' Choice Awards  

First place: Learning Management and E-learning, E-Portfolios, and Emergency Notifications

Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology

Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology 

Silver, Best Advance in Sales Training Platform

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