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Keynote: Stanley Frielick

Stanley Frielick

Dr. Stanley Frielick is Director of Learning and Teaching at Auckland University of Technology (aka. AUT University) – a central role in a network of staff, students, and technologies that helps to increase innovation and the educational development capabilities of the university. His career includes posts as Associate Dean in the Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences at AUT, Director of e-Learning at NorthTec, and lecturer at the University of Auckland.

In 1984, he started in educational computing as a teacher with the Apple IIe and LOGO, and since then has participated in the evolution of networked learning technologies. This includes close involvement in the development and implementation of both Moodle and Blackboard in New Zealand.

His current research interest is in how ecological / biological understandings of thinking interrelate with social media and mobile devices to create new modes of learning, and implications for strategic planning and leadership.

Keynote: Matthew Small

Stanley Frielick

Matthew Small is President of Blackboard International. We are excited to have Matt join us at the Welcome Address and Blackboard Keynote presentation where he will give an overview of Blackboard’s work with educational institutions across the globe and discuss how Blackboard intends to play a part in future developments.