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Enrollment Services: Drive Institutional Growth by Building a Great Relationship Early

Attracting and retaining students is more challenging than ever. Our enrollment services help you improve student engagement throughout the admissions process, helping to maximize your ability to enroll qualified students. Imagine having a virtual staff with the technology and expertise to unburden your team and make significant improvements in your enrollment funnel. With our enrollment management practice you'll have a cost-effective solution that provides inbound and outbound services to help you:

  • Capitalize quickly on the work of marketing and admissions teams
  • Follow-up quickly and proactively with interested students through outbound enrollment programs
  • Provide accurate, clear information throughout the admissions process
  • Effectively manage the daily influx of prospective and current student inquiries

Improve the admissions experience and you'll optimize each stage of your enrollment funnel.

We leverage real-time analytics, strategic staffing, effective relationship building with prospective students, and an integrated approach to enrollment and financial aid support to help you:

  • Drive additional revenue to your institution through enrollment and course registration growth
  • Improve core enrollment metrics such as inquiry to applicant conversion rates
  • Increase the frequency and quality of engagement during the inquiry and application process
  • Cost-effectively manage growth without hiring and training additional staff

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