Strategy and Planning

Online Course Delivery Strategic Approach

Building Effective Online Capability

Developing successful online education to expand an organization’s reach and impact is now regarded as critical. For organizations like yours, an effective online strategy can:

  • Improve your competitiveness and  target additional revenue streams
  • Build and strengthen your reputation
  • Increase access, enrollment, retention and graduation rates
  • Enhance education quality and student engagement

Educational organizations partner with Blackboard Consulting to systematically improve existing online programs and to realize their long-term vision. We use a strategic approach founded upon key Expanded Presence Effective Practice Areas. We help you build organizational competencies in each area, using rubrics, benchmarks and self-asse ssments to drive the process, define the solutions, and gauge readiness to execute against your strategic priorities.

Your Starting Point:  A Capabilities Analysis

The Capabilities Analysis is an end-to-end process that helps leaders develop a vision and plan for managing change, improvement, and growth in quality.  It also provides customized recommendations for implementation to build capabilities that achieve the performance and improvement desired.  From there, we can help you implement the resulting action plan, program implementation, and performance management.  To learn more, download the Expanded Presence Overview