Case Studies

The University of Sydney

At top institutions like the University of Sydney, innovation is considered the norm, and students have come to expect such innovation in the form of increased mobile access. The University of Sydney teamed up with Blackboard Mobile to meet these student expectations, and launched a customized mobile app that was downloaded over 13,000 times in the first month.

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Hull York Medical School

After a one year pilot program, 40% of Hull York Medical School undergrads downloaded and used the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. The highest number of students using the app was campus-based first year students - which demonstrated that students entering the university are already expecting to have mobile access.

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Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University found a 31% increase in the usage of Discussion Boards after adopting Blackboard Mobile Learn. Further research showed that 80% of University students also believed the app made it easier to study.

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Instituto Politécnico da Guarda in Portugal Extends Learning with Online and Mobile Options

The Instituto Politécnico da Guarda in Portugal uses Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Mobile to drive eLearning at their polytechnic university since the implementation of a local government policy to enhance education.

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Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University teamed up with Blackboard Mobile and Sprint to increase student achievement by 16% and improve student retention by 24% in remedial math courses. Read the full story of this highly successful pilot.

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Mobility in the United Kingdom and Ireland: University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, and University College Dublin

Mobile applications are now considered a vital part of technology offerings for several institutions in the UK. Learn more about the powerful impact Blackboard Mobile has had on the education experience at the University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, and the University College Dublin.

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Georgia Health Sciences University

GHSU turned to Blackboard Mobile to create a suite of customized medical apps built using the Blackboard Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). With information on the go, students can respond faster and more effectively, and with the Blackboard Mobile SDK, GHSU can continue to easily evolve their app to meet student demand.

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Mobile as a competitive advantage in northern Europe: Delft University of Technology, University of Gävle, and University of Southern Denmark

See why institutions across Northern Europe view Mobile technology as a competitive advantage to meet the demands of their increasingly tech-savvy students.

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Bond University

Learn how the first Australian University to get Blackboard Mobile Learn has improved the teaching and learning experience for both students and instructors.

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City University of Hong Kong

Read how City University of Hong Kong CIO Andy Chun integrates his students’ culture of mobile access and social learning into the school curriculum using Blackboard Mobile Learn.

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Ohio Wesleyan University

Discover how one of the nation's premier small, private universities is leveraging mobile to take Ohio Wesleyan University to the world.

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St. Hilda’s School for Girls

St. Hilda’s School, an all-girls day/boarding school in Australia, is setting the bar for K-12 with Blackboard Mobile and Blackboard Managed Hosting. Learn how they saved 1 million sheets of paper and saw an 800% increase in traffic to their Blackboard site by deploying Blackboard solutions!

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Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University chose the No Cost Blackboard Mobile Learn solution to complete its comprehensive mobile-learning initiative. See the results of their transformative program here.

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