Additional Accessibility Information and Resources

Use these resources to provide more information to your users on the accessibility features of Blackboard Learn as well as how to work in Blackboard with assistive technology.


The Blackboard help system contains information on the structure of Blackboard Learn pages including how headings are used to delineate sections of each page. Keyboard navigation is explained and suggestions for updating operating system and browser settings to work with keyboard interactions are provided. Visit and search with the key word "accessibility".

JAWS Screen Reader Demo

Improvements within Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1 enable a blind person to more effectively interact with the Blackboard Learn platform - furthering not just accessibility technology, but educational advancement as well. The videos below are recorded sessions in which a blind user is using a JAWS screen reader to interact with and complete various tasks in Blackboard Learn including submitting an assignment, taking a test, building content and grading students.

JAWS Demo Links
- Student Submitting an Assignment - Student Taking a Test
- Logging into Blackboard Learn - Student Viewing Grades
- Incorrect Login Messaging - Instructor Adding Course Content
- Student Using "My Places" to Locate Course - Instructor Creating Assignment
- Student Navigating the Course Homepage - Instructor Grading Assignment
- Student Navigating Course Content