Measurement of Learning Outcomes

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Measuring learning is a key element to outcomes assessment, and is the foundation for improvement. Institutions need to understand student attitudes and skills in order to measure outcomes. Collecting this information can be challenging when data is separate and tools or processes are not coordinated.

Blackboard makes course-embedded assessment a reality. Assessment professionals can automatically collect assignments and the related student submissions directly from Blackboard Learn course sections. This makes burdensome assessment activities quicker and easier for your faculty and students, and part of their day-to-day teaching and learning activities. No longer will faculty and students have to submit work into two different systems.

  • Collect Direct Evidence of Student Learning – Automate the harvesting of student assignments from online
    and hybrid courses.
  • Authentic Assessment – Use rubrics to evaluate randomly sampled student evidence of learning for an authentic assessment practice that provides specific, actionable insight into areas of strength and weakness.