Online Collaboration Tools That Engage Everyone, Every Time, Everywhere

Offer a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experience with a collaborative learning platform that constantly evolves, and you’ll keep everyone engaged like never before. That’s what the Blackboard Collaborate™ online collaboration platform is all about. Helping you create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces that open more possibilities to more students, wherever they are. Offering exciting new approaches to learning while involving each student on an individual level.

With online collaborative learning platforms like these, we can build a better educational experience that will get everyone talking.

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Mobile Collaboration

Blackboard Collaborate customers talk about new mobile web conferencing.

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Why Upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate?
Hear why customers are making the transition.

About Blackboard Collaborate

Combining the capabilities of industry leaders Wimba and Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate provides a comprehensive online learning and collaboration platform designed specifically for education. It is helping thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations worldwide deliver a more effective learning experience through blended and mobile learning online collaboration tools. And it will help you open up all-new aspects of real time, or anytime, learning to engage more students and improve outcomes.

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A Wide Spectrum of Collaborative Learning Platform Tools

Blackboard Collaborate™ technology delivers an open, education-focused online collaboration platform that provides a wide spectrum of online collaboration tools:

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Why Blackboard Collaborate? Our Customers Say it Best

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Seeing is Believing

See for yourself why Blackboard Collaborate’s online collaboration platform is the clear choice for teaching and learning for both K-12 and Higher Education. These short videos highlight key features and benefits. Watch. Then try it for free.

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Equal Opportunity Access

In support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Blackboard collaborative learning platform provides a variety of features that promote accessibility. That gives you a richer, more interactive online collaboration, teaching and learning environment for everyone—regardless of geography, economy, or ability.

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