Extend Our Data Models. Preserve an Upgrade Path.

Each of our packaged analytics applications is designed to help you extend the application in various ways, while preserving the ability to implement application upgrades in the base product. Our Advanced Technical Training is designed for those customers interested in gaining proficiency in modifying and extending our delivered data models.

Our 3 day focused Advanced Technical Training will:

  • Get you started with a solid foundation: We’ll review dimensional modeling techniques, the development process, and the architectural components of the Blackboard Analytics™ core platform.
  • Give your team greater capabilities—today and in the future: We’ll provide hands-on training so you can develop and deploy customizations defined by your institution, including alternative table structures, advanced metrics, and links to additional data sources.

No black boxes

Blackboard Analytics provides you with a full window into the underlying application code and design. Once you purchase the application, you receive detailed documentation that includes a data dictionary, ERD designs, and a full view into our underlying code. There are no black boxes, compiled code, or hidden code in the application. This enables you to not only better understand the application as delivered, but also empowers you to extend it with customized table structures, new data sources, and advanced metrics and measures.


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